All the essentials

We had an Instagram Q&A about leaving the house with baby…

Gone are the days when you can leave the house with your keys, wallet and phone.

Here are some essential items you might need…

  1. Nappies and wipes - you definitely don’t want to be caught without these two essentials oh no! Make sure you update the nappies when your baby grows out of the smaller ones too, these babies grow so fast!
  2. Depending how old your baby is you might need to bring a water bottle, some snacks and a bib. If you have a newborn you can just bring along your boobs or a bottle/formula
  3. A change of clothes for baby and maybe for you too. Ever had a baby have a poo explosion on the front of your top? And a cloth (or two) for any messes that might happen…like vomit
  4. Their favourite item; maybe it’s their dummy, a toy, a blanket - just make sure it comes home with you again. I had a special place in my nappy bag where I put those items and I always check that section before I leave. If it always goes back in the same place it’s easy to find it again
  5. Water and a snack for you Mumma. It’s so easy to forget to look after yourself too when you have just had a baby, but it’s so important to make sure you are hydrated and fed!
  6. Your phone, wallet and your keys…it’s so easy to walk out the door and leave these things behind when you feel so overwhelmed about going out for the first time with your baby. Again, I always put these things in the same place in my nappy bag and check them just before I leave the house.
  7. The more recent addition to bring along on outings is of course a mask and hand sanitizer, or wipes.

We hope you have a wonderful outing! Here are some beautiful clothes to wear to your next coffee date 🤍