eGift Cards

Purchase Details

Vessel the Brand Gift Cards will be:

  1. Emailed directly to the recipient (“eGift Card”)

Vouchers are not redeemable for cash and are not refundable. 


How to Purchase an eGift Card

Go to the gift card category page and select your preferred eGift card denomination.

There is no processing or delivery fee for eGift card purchases.  An email containing the eGift card is ordinarily delivered to the recipient within 5 minutes of finalising an order, however, email carriers and other issues can delay the order. If you don’t receive your eGift card within 24 hours of purchase, please contact customer service 

eGift cards are the only gift card method available to purchase for customers outside Australia.


Purchasing with your eGift Card Online

To use your eGift card to make a purchase online, Enter your unique gift card number once you have selected gift card as your payment option.

The amount of your order will then be deducted from your card and any remaining amount will stay on your card for future use. You can combine your gift card payment with other payment methods. Please ensure you enter you gift card details first.

You can use your gift card as many times as you want until the balance reaches zero. We will not refund cash for any unused gift card amount.


Returning items purchased on your eGift Card

Items can be returned and refunded purchased with your eGift card. The refund will be applied automatically back onto your eGift card. In the case where you have used a combination of cash and an eGift card, we can refund the cash amount spent up to the original amount of cash used. We cannot refund the eGift card amount for cash.


Lost and Stolen Gift Cards and eGift Cards

Treat your gift card like cash. Lost and stolen gift cards will not be replaced or refunded.


eGift Card Expiry

eGift cards are valid for 3 years from the date of purchase. The expiry date will be found on the eGift card.


eGift Card Terms and Conditions of Use

The electronic gift card (“eGift Card”) is issued by Vessel the Brand Pty Ltd (“Vessel the Brand”) ABN 35 648 853 776. A lost, stolen or altered eGift Card, or a printed representation of an eGift Card that is defaced, mutilated, lost, stolen or atlered, will not be replaced, refunded or redeemed. This eGift Card once activated by issuer is redeemable for merchandise at online store; not redeemable for cash and is not a negotiable instrument; valid until the expiry date shown on the card (being 3 years from date of issue) or when no amount remains on the card; not able to be reloaded; partially redeemable. Cash will not be given for any unused amount. Any unused amount after the expiry date of this card will not be refunded or credited.


Gift Card Enquiries