Our First Year - truly a year of miracles 💫

I find the more open I am to feeling deeper (often upsetting) emotions, sometimes my own, but also other people’s, the easier it is for my mind to write books, or dream about new books to write…

I started writing ‘Our First Year’, my new book, when I was feeling quite heart broken for one of our family members who passed away. We had come back from their funeral, in shock really, something that truthfully I will always be in shock about.

At the funeral they played the photos of their life, which seemed so short in comparison to what everyone had wished for them to experience.

I watched with everyone, thinking about all those moments I could remember from when they were little.

I sat there holding my own baby, feeling heartbroken for the ones who were saying goodbye to their grown up child. Olivia looking at me confused, why are you crying mummy?

When I came home I lay next to Olivia as she slept, crying so much from the heartbreak but also from feeling so grateful that we get to be her parents and grateful for the life we have together. I started to write down all the miraculous things that have happened in her short life, that parents get to experience with their babies.

Our First Year - truly a year full of miracles 💫

I knew this book would feel familiar to parents and children enjoying it, reminiscing about the first year of becoming parents, becoming a little family.